Welcome to Euchem Ltd.

R & D and Production of Plant Extracts, Belgrade, Serbia

We are committed to modern technology and the all-natural composition of our super-concentrated extracts.

aronia factory

Euchem’s new factory for production of Super Concentrated Extract AroniaPerfect™, Industrial zone St. Banovci

Who we are

EUCHEM Ltd. was founded in 1997 as a research and development laboratory in chemistry and pharmaceutics.

Since 2009, with the transformation of the ownership structure, the realization of the production project of standardized plant extracts has begun based on R&D and construction innovative technology.

With our own funds, we built a brand new modern factory according to the strictest world standards.

Euhem’s team of motivated experts with experience in production medicines, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products in general is particularly effective in innovative process and technological solutions.

Our team is flexible and capable to meet all customer requirements. Our technology lines include sophisticated equipment for demanding operations in the production of highly concentrated liquid plant extracts.

According to the rules of the profession, we can develop many processes and carry out production on an industrial scale.