…..about Super-concentrated Chokeberry Extract

  • At ambient room temperatures, the Total Polyphenol Content (TPC) gradually decreases by max. 25 % due to spontaneous degradation of anthocyanin and then TPC remains constant.
  • This is common for all juices and extracts containing anthocyanins, even for intact mature plants and fruits.
  • Accordingly, it is recommended to store extracts and derived products at reduced temperatures.
  • Each production lot is accompanied by complete process and final control with appropriate Certificate of Analysis.
  • The product is approved by the US Food and Drug Agency authorities for import into the USA.

……about raw material

  • We use raw materials of certified organic origin imported from the EU.
  • Chokeberry fruits were glazed with ice after harvesting, transported and stored at – 18 °C.

……about process of production

  • The entire process was developed by Euchem Ltd.
  • The process is multi-stage and works as pseudo-continuous, enabling the introduction of new batches on a daily basis.
  • In continuous three-shifts operation, the theoretical monthly capacity of chokeberry processing is about 25 metric tons.
  • The entire process is closed to prevent contamination of product during the operation.

……about technology

    • Capital devices: Continuous Counter-current Subcritical Liquid/Solid Extractor and Continuous Spinning-band Vacuum Evaporator are our original protected projects.
    • The installed technology is applicable for the processing of all plant materials that can be extracted with water and/or organic solvents.