How we do it

Here we start

Carefully controlled soaking softens chopped plant tissue enabling easier solvent permeation.

Series of vessels enable delivery of pretreated material to support continuous process as follows:

Phase 1: Continuous subcritical extraction yields the bulk of the substances.

Phase 2: Self-cleaning filtration and centrifugation at 15,000 G-force separates dispersed plant tissue particles from the extract.

Phase 3: Continuous ’spinning band’ vacuum evaporation eliminates most of the water to give a highly concentrated extract.

Phase 4: Precise standardization and pasteurization.

Phase 5: Filling the finished extract into sterile Al-HDPE bags.

Phase 6: The bags are stored in a cold room at 0-1 °C.


Core of our technology:
Continuous Counter-current Subcritical Liquid/solid Extractor,
unique equipment originally designed

by Euchem R&D team:

  • Working pressure up to 15 bar.
  • Working temperature up to 150 °C.
  • Accurate extraction control.
  • Programable temperature gradient prevents degradation of substances.
  • Transport of solid upstream to solvent flow along 3m of stainless steel columns yields highly saturated extracts. 
  • Continuous work enables high capacity. 
  • Low energy consumption.
  • According to HACCP standard.


To produce the highest quality extracts without any of precipitate and/or dipersed particles we employ efficient continuous filtration&centrifugation line combining continuous 50 μ-filtration and centrifugation at 15,000 G-force.
As the result our extracts are applicable in wide range of formulations without contamination with unwanted particles.


Continuous Spinning-band Vacuum Evaporator, another sophisticated automatic range unit originally constructed by Euchem R&D.

PHASE 3: Vacuum evaporator (continued):

  • Capacity up to 200 L/h.
  • Smooth continuous work, „2 in 1″ (regenerates pure solvent by rectification).
  • Multi-point programmable heating.
  • Counter-flow of vapor and extract.
  • Controlled ’spinning band’ rotation.
  • Extremely short residential time in heated zones prevents degradation of substances.
  • According to HACCP standard.


Standardization and pasteurization.

  • Slightly over-concentrated extract flows into homogenizer placed on electronic platform balance.
  • According to result of control analysis concentration of components will be adjusted by PW.
  • Homogenized extract flows into batch pasteurizer being heated for 1 hour at 65 °C.



Hot finished extract instantly flows into machine that fills 20 kg of extract into sterile Al-HDPE bags.


  • The bags are stored in cold chamber at 0-1 °C.
  • At given temperature in absence of direct light extract is stable for 2 years.
  • Every white plastic box contains 40 kg of the extract (2 bags).
  • Storage capacity ranges up to 5 metric tons.

In-process control

Our process and technology are automated by precise control at every point. However, skilled operators monitor the process to ensure full reliability of production and quality of products. Supervisor of the shift controls setup and status of the process.

Lab control

Modern equipped labs for process and quality control enable instant insight into current process. At every critical point we can take a sample without stopping work, even from space under high vacuum.

…and that’s the result…