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We produce highly concentrated liquid plant extracts using a combination of high pressure continuous countercurrent extraction and a programmable emperature gradient. In this way, we obtain highly saturated primary extracts. In cases where medicinal substances are not volatile, we apply ’spinning band’ continuous evaporation under high vacuum for additional concentration. With precise heat exchange control and high process speed, we prevent thermal degradation of sensitive substances

Our very special product is a super-concentrated aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) extract, produced by a unique process using original technology.

Super-concentrated aronia extract contains up to 12 times more total polyphenols than standard concentrated aronia juices, i.e. TPC ranges up to 40 gGAE/kg extract (relative density up to 1.2 ~ 70 °Brix).

What are the benefits of Liquid Super Concentrated Extract?

Our Super-Concentrated Chokeberry Extract is derived from fresh aronia fruits, in which the complete content of the hydrosoluble components of the fruits is extracted under subcritical extraction conditions, unlike squeezed juice, which extracts less than 40% of the total beneficial ingredients present.

Such a high content of antioxidant polyphenols and other natural ingredients of aronia fruits in Super-Concentrated Chokeberry Extract enables creative design of complex products such as gummy candies, various sweets, cocktails combined with alcohol and/or various fruit juices. Even a very small amount of the Super-Concentrate gives the product an intense color, original fruity taste and a physiologically significant dose of the strongest known natural antioxidants.

In the world of highly processed food, there are not enough natural antioxidants, so endogenous free radicals compromise the body’s immune system and are behind many health disorders. Regular intake of small doses of Super-Concentrated Chokeberry Extract is most similar to natural supplementation with antioxidant polyphenols.

Spray dried aronia extracts also have a high content of polyphenols, but they are organoleptically unacceptable and can only be taken in capsules.

Preserving the natural composition and fruity taste was the guiding idea behind the design of our super-concentrated aronia extract.

For the production of various derivatives, we offer the supply of super-concentrated extracts on an industrial scale (in metric tons).